Vosem Po Grinvichu

Präsentiert von Emergenza
SFN – Stage
Samstag, 12. August
00:35 bis 01:00 Uhr

Die russische Band Vosem Po Grinvichu wird von Emergenza präsentiert.

Vosem po Grinvichu reflects the most powerful energy of the soloist and his exceptionally positive attitude. There is no place for decadence and profanity. The collective does not narrow the stylistic boundaries, life-affirming and with sense, but manifests itself in the blending of different musical directions. Each song easily finds the way to the hearts of listeners, thanks to the natural purity and creative sincerity. The work of the Vosem po Grinvichu band is full of memorable melodies that will stay with you for a long time even after the first listening.