Rothenburg ob der Tauber
08. bis 11. August 2024

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Event and program changes, cancellations, viewing difficulties
Changes to the event and/or program do not constitute a breach of contract, nor justify the return of a ticket or a refund of the ticket price. In the case of a cancellation of the entire event, the Promoter shall, on presentation of a valid ticket, reimburse the purchase price (less any early purchase discount and postal costs) within a period of two months from the date of the event.

Should the event not be able to take place through no fault of the Promoter, no reimbursement shall be payable.
We reserve the right to postpone the start of the event on the grounds of weather conditions.

From parts of the Festival site it may not be possible to have a clear view of the stages. This is to be expected. Any such viewing difficulties do not constitute a breach of contract nor give any right to compensation.
Picture and/or sound recordings
Sound, Photo, Film and Video recording on the site, both during and after the event (during the Festival this means on the audience areas) is not permitted, even for private use. The Promoter has the right to confiscate any such recordings or, where technically possible, to erase or delete such recordings.

In the case of an authorised person making a picture or sound recording during a performance, guests accept that, by entering the Festival sites, their image or spoken words may be recorded and that this does not entitle them to any claim or payment or benefit.

Protection of young people
All rules and regulations according to law for the protection of young people in open spaces are to be observed and upheld at all times. These rules apply on the Festival site, surrounding areas and the Camping sites. Each and every guest to our Festival is required to carry identification at all times.
Protection of the Environment
During your time at the Taubertal-Festival, you undertake to treat with respect the  natural environment and the natural resources on site and to clear away your rubbish. Containers are provided on site for the disposal of waste.
We like animals. Animals are like us. Sensitive. That is why we don’t want you to bring your animals on the Festival site. It is not appropriate and it is not allowed.
Instructions given by our staff members and agents are to be followed.

Inside the Festival site, there are various activities spread over a large area. You can see where these are by using the site plan. You should be aware that you may have to walk a while to get to the different areas.

Claims against KARO by reason of fault or breach of contract are not valid except in the case of gross negligence. KARO accepts liability only when and in so far as such disadvantage is caused at the time of the contract or of the event, taking into account all known or reasonably predictable unknown circumstances.

It is agreed between the guests and KARO that guests attend the event at their own risk.

Entrance is permitted only with a valid ticket.

It is forbidden to bring any glass container, tin or can, or any plastic bottle holding more than 1 litre capacity on to the Festival sites. You are not allowed to bring alcoholic drinks or drinks containing alcohol on to the Festival sites.

It is expressly forbidden to bring pyrotechnics, fireworks, naked flame torches, weapons of any sort or objects which may be used as weapons on to any of the Festival sites. Any person not respecting these conditions may be ejected from the site immediately and refused readmission for the duration of the Festival. In such a case, there shall be no refund of the entrance price.

Security controls take place at the entrances to the Festival site. The smooth operation of the security controls depends upon your cooperation. We reserve the right to refuse entry (we shall refund the ticket at its face value).

On entry to the Festival site, the entrance ticket shall be exchanged for a Festival wrist-band which you are required to wear for the duration of your time at the Festival. No replacements shall be made for lost entrance tickets or Festival wrist-bands.

Should the event be cancelled because of a major incident such as an Act of God, government decree or security alert, there shall be no refund payable.
The Promoter reserves the right to change the place and time of the event.

When parking please pay attention to the instructions of our staff.
Please use the transport provided by the Festival whenever possible.
Those who choose to park their car on the Festival sites do so at their own risk.
The Promoter is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

It is not permitted to sell on entrance tickets. Ticket touts are not welcome at our Festival, so don’t use them unless you want to be disappointed.

The Promoter reserves the right to decide the rules governing the Festival and their implementation. These decisions are final and not subject to negotiation.

Stage diving and crowd surfing are not funny or clever and are not allowed.

Guests who endanger themselves or others shall be removed from the Festival site.

Young people up to 16 years can stay on the Camping sites only when accompanied by an adult who is legally responsible to do so. In such cases, we do not accept attempts to transfer this responsibility to third parties.

We reserve the right to remove from the site any person whose behaviour we regard as unreasonable or objectionable.

There is the possibility that loud music may cause injury to hearing and/or health. Guests to the event accept such a possibility at their own risk.